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Asana Candles
This candle line was certainly created with yogis in mind but these beautifully scented candles can be enjoyed by anyone desiring a truly non-toxic candle.
We have high ceilings in our home and its tough to find a candle that carries a fragrance throughout the entire area. Your sandlewood fragrance is the most delightful fragrance of any candle we have ever purchased. We love it! -Pam
Asana Candles
A special blend of soy wax, beeswax & pure essential oils.
Cotton Wicks - Lead Free - Paraffin Free 8oz. - 45 hour burn
Made from a special blend of Soy Wax, Beeswax and Pure Essential Oils. Enjoy the beauty, serenity and focus that candle light brings to your yoga practice without the toxicity found in most scented candles. In today's market Soy Wax candles labeled as all-natural are commonly scented with carcinogenic fragrance oils. Our candles will never contain petroleum-based paraffin wax, harmful fragrance oils or lead wicks.
Price: $21.50 each
save 10% when you buy 6 or more of the same size!

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