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Pure Beeswax Pillar - 2x3
color swatches raw ivory red apricot amber moss forest pistachio eggplant
Pure Beeswax Pillar - 2x3
Ridiculously long burn times.
cotton wicks - lead free - paraffin free 2x3 pillar - 25 hour burn
Many beeswax pillars have difficulty burning because the particulate in beeswax clogs the wick, resulting in a weak flame and tunneling. Our pillars burn perfectly because we use lightly filtered beeswax. Light filtration takes out the right amount of particulate but keeps all of the sweet honey scent. Like all of our candles we have meticulously tested hundreds of wicks to achieve the perfect burn. We guarantee that you will not be pouring off valuable wax to save a drowning wick. Rest assured; you are buying the best!{more info}

Looking for other sizes? 3x3 | 3x4 | 3x6 | 4x4 | 4x8
Price: $7.50 each
save 10% when you buy 6 or more of the same size!

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