Pure Beeswax - Christmas Tree Candles



For folks who grew up with the tradition of lighting their Christmas tree with real candles, you understand how special this experience is. For those new to the practice, you are in for a treat. Our hand-dipped taper candles are made from 100% Pure Beeswax and will burn virtually dripless for roughly two hours. Beeswax is naturally soft and malleable so fitting the candles to your holders is easy and secure. So gather round the tree, and rekindle the tradition.

*Use common sense when using fire near a Christmas tree. Always keep the tree well watered and never leave burning candles unattended.


  • Burn time: 2 hours
  • 100% pure beeswax
  • Clean, non-toxic burn
  • Cotton wick - no lead or metal
  • Paraffin-free & lead-free; non-toxic & hypoallergenic

Dimensions & Care

  • (10) 4.5in. x 0.5in. candles per bag
  • To light a joined taper please cut the wick ¼” from the candle top and light.
  • To prevent dripping, keep away from open windows, fans or excessive airflow of any kind and place your hand behind flame when blowing out.
  • Please note this is different than all other candle styles. To minimize smoking, use a snuffer to extinguish flame.

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