Beeswax Lantern - CLEARANCE

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Our Factory 2nd Hollow Beeswax Lanterns have minor cosmetic flaws on the surface of the wax -- a bubble, for example -- but will still glow beautifully and smell heavenly when illuminated from within by the included, Factory 2nd, Beeswax Tea Light.


  • 100% Pure Beeswax 
  • Hand dipped
  • Includes Beeswax Tea Light and bed of rice
  • Refill with tea lights or votive in a glass
  • Edges of lantern my morph over burns for a wabi-sabi look 
  • 3in dia. x 3.5in ht.
  • Empty rice into bottom of lantern to prevent tea light from sticking
  • To maximize burn time, allow the tea light to burn until the molten pool has reached the container wall. You can continue to burn the candle at this point.
  • To prevent uneven burning, use a metal tool to redirect a curled or angled wick to the opposite direction. To prevent wick breakage when doing this, be sure to nudge the wick below the level of the molten pool where the wick is not burned and thus stronger.

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