bluecorn beeswax cabin in mountain woods
In the winter of 1991, my home was a tiny, one-room cabin in Telluride, Colorado. It was there that my friend Baker Steve taught me how to dip a beeswax candle. With no electricity, we worked by candle light, often dipping well into morning. When finished, we could barely move through the cabin while hundreds of still warm tapers hung from rope strung wall to wall.

Today, my home has electricity (and indoor plumbing), but my deep love of beeswax and my dedication to making exceptional candles has only grown. From the act of lighting the flame to the warmth it brings, candle light is an essential part of my life, and after 29 years in this business, I know how important it can be in yours. Thank you for trusting and supporting Bluecorn Beeswax, I truly appreciate it.

Jon Kornbluh,