Pure Beeswax Travel Tins - CLEARANCE


Our factory 2nd tins have minor cosmetic flaws on the surface of the wax but will burn perfectly.

Raw beeswax is simple and sweet - and with these travel candles you can take that sweetness to go. It's amazing how a single beeswax candle can turn an otherwise dull hotel room into home. Bring a second, and the bathroom will smell sweet as well.They are also great for camping or being marooned in your car on a snowy highway. Did you know that just one burning candle will keep you from freezing in that car? I know it sounds dramatic, but how psyched would you be if you actually had one in the glove compartment when you needed it?

Please note: to avoid tunneling, burn the large 6 oz. tin until the molten pool has reached the container wall (2-3 hours).

CL Travel Tin Size*:

Features Dimensions & Care
  • Burn Time: 6 oz, 30 Hours; 2 oz, 12 Hours
  • Clean, non-toxic burn
  • Cotton wick - no lead or metal
  • Perfect travel candle
  • Aluminum tin is recyclable

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