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Bluecorn Candle Care Toolkit

Bluecorn Candle Care Toolkit

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If you're serious about your beeswax candles, then you know a little care helps them burn their best. Wicks need to be trimmed before re-light and sometimes nudged back toward center after a very long burn. Tapers are more likely to burn dripless when gently extinguished with a snuffer. This 4-part kit makes candle care easy and elegant.
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Customer Reviews

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Beth Mange
Great candle accessories

These tools are made well and have helped me take proper care of my candles. I would recommend them to anyone.

Margaret Fleming

I love the candle. I love the way it burns and there is no oder to it. I am looking forward to ordering your biggest candle when it becomes available.

Deborah Koval

Loved it SO Much I bought one for my Daughter!

Jennifer S
Take good care of your candles!

I never knew that wick trimming, and straightening the wick were the secret to getting the most out of my candles. I really appreciate the care and education that Bluecorn puts into all their beeswax candles and products. And I love the quality of these tools to care for all of my candles.